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Diet House Restaurant

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Our story

Few words about us

The First and only pure diet corner. We providing Two menus (Healthy / Pure). The nutritional value of meals is a personal effort of trainers and we accepting the discussion or modification. The largest chain of restaurants specializing in healthy food and monthly / 10 branches (licensed in the Ministry of Economy). All current restaurants (not specified) are guaranteed and based on the Diet House because their owners were subscribers or customers. All branches are run by the same team and the chef and owned by one person so you notice the exact match between the branches in the services and products.

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The largest chain of healthy food restaurants in the UAE: 10 branches and certified Central Kitchen that provide for you healthy daily meals with high quality and standard prices compared to other restaurants. Our goal is to reach the desired result with lowest costs via full credibility.

Our Branches

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Khalifa City A

Abu Dhabi Elshamkha

Abu Dhabi Alkhaldeya

Abu Dhabi Al Nahyan Camp

Abu Dhabi Al Meror

Abu Dhabi Deerfields Mall


Alain Industrial District

Alain City Center

Dubai & Ruwais

Dubai Nad Elhamr

Ruwais Mall Heritage Village

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Prepare for first-class service

Start Eating Healthy Today

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Start Caring about your health and eat Healthy From Diet House

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

Quality is the heart


All our Ingredients are fresh, We care about Food Quality, Quality is the Heart

Creative & Talented Chefs

Hot & ready to serve


Creative Meals to make you enjoy every last piece of your food, from the chefs direct to your couch

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